Black-backed jackal - Scavenger Hide-3698White-backed vulture - Scavenger Hide-3708Woolly-necked stork- - Scavenger Hide-3717Woolly-necked stork- - Scavenger Hide-3851Enjoying a tasty morsel -3863Pulling the tail feather-3893A committee of vultures -3907Giraffe standing tall amongst the trees -2372Female Kudu-4293Leopard cub-2497Leopard cub-2517Cub of the year-2572Looking ahead-2576Looking ahead-25781st attempt at a tree decent-25901st attempt at a tree decent-25981st attempt at a tree decent-2601Lioness sub adults-2660Burchell's coucal-2697Burchell's coucal-2700