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Mr Hippo-1896Mr Hippo-1898Vervet monkey-1965Scavenger Hide - Woolly-necked stork-3598Scavenger Hide - Black-backed jackal-3678Scavenger Hide - Black-backed jackal -3698Scavenger Hide - White-backed vulture -3708Woolly-necked stork- - Scavenger Hide-3717Scavenger Hide - Woolly-necked stork - 3851Enjoying a tasty morsel -3863Pulling the tail feather-3893A committee of vultures -3907Giraffe standing tall amongst the trees -2372Female Kudu-4293Cheetah cub x three-4361Leopard cub-2497Leopard cub-2517Cub of the year-2572Looking ahead-2576Looking ahead-2578